Improve Visibility & Controls

Real-time visibility into the status of every invoice. 

  • Control your AP process with secure online access from anywhere

  • Invoices arrive in your AP inbox with the initial coding completed by our data entry process. Our coding team follows predefined data entry rules that are set and managed by your accounting team.

  • Approvers are notified they have invoices to approve via email. They log in online to the system and can choose to approve or reject each invoice.

  • An invoice will never sit and wait for approval on someone’s desk again. The system gives you complete visibility into the status of each invoice.

  • Approved invoices are exported from the system straight into the AP file of your club accounting solution for review and payment.

  • Your invoices are saved in our secure Cloud data warehouse for seven years, and can be loaded onto your local server if desired.

Save Time & Money

Eliminate Paperwork and Automate Business Rules

Accounts payable automation gives you the ultimate management tool to get great control, access and visibility into your AP process and liabilities.

Gone are the days of trying to track down invoices when you receive the dreaded call from one of your vendors wondering where their payment is.

No longer will you be paying late fees or making duplicate payments. By automating, all invoices, purchase orders and receiving documentation will be stored in one central location that can be accessed by any authorized personnel.